I take a ton of pride in being as POSTIVE as possible in every situation and now that can include Covid.  Last week on Thursday I started Sinus & Respiratory issues but with no detectable viral load (thankfully), we cancelled my classes 

anyway and I masked up and kept my distance at ASOD just to demonstrate proper safety measures. On Saturday afternoon, I did begin to lose taste and smell but I do not have any other symptoms, No Fever, No GI issues, No Body Aches,  No Shortness of breath, chills or fatigue.  I credit my  ramped up immune

system, vitamin routine with a focus on D3, vitamin C and zinc along with my 

daily womens' vitamin and elderberry for keeping me a step ahead.

Knowing that a number of  schools will be closed over this next week(s),

ASOD is going to follow their lead and give everyone some healthy healing

time and cancel our regular classes.  HIGH SCHOOL Tap & Ballet Evaluations

and MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL Hip Hop try outs are the ONLY CLASSES that will

still take place at their regular times. Selections for those classes will be posted

to the "To the Pointe" page here and on BAND after those times.

We work to provide at least 36 practices/reheaseals/shows for the year

and we started this year with 38(mon & thurs) and 39 (tues & weds) so we can take a week to breathe and let things settle down without messing up fees or instructional days.  I can't stress enough the importance of taking care of

yourself and really listening to your body.  Continue to check back with your BANDS for any practice content that might be provided by teachers. And we 

look forward to seeing everyone after the LABOR Day Holiday!!

Changes are coming and

they are BLOOMING

BEAUTIFUL!!  New look, 

​new classes, New attitudes!

We are headed into a 

new dance year and we

can't wait to see how our

dancers grow!

​​Growing girls

gracefully . . .

​one step at a time!

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Armstrong School of Dance is built on 50 years of experience in performance, choreography and teaching.   You can feel confident that we will provide your child with an excellent year long program that is safe, age appropriate and most of all  FUN!!   

See you at the studio - Miss Sarah