Armstrong School of Dance is built on 48 years of experience in performance, choreography and teaching.   You can feel confident that we will provide your child with an excellent year long program that is safe, age appropriate and most of all  FUN!!   

See you at the studio - Miss Sarah

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Changes are coming and

they are BLOOMING

BEAUTIFUL!!  New look, 

​new classes, New attitudes!

We are headed into a 

new dance year and we

can't wait to see how our

dancers grow!

​​Growing girls

gracefully . . .

​one step at a time!



BUT, to remain open and operating safely for our dancing girls, our teachers

& Front Desk Nana, it is imperative that EVERYONE follow the guidelines that we have set forth.  Unless you are a registered dancers or dance family you will not be allowed in the studio. During August we are asking that ONLY dancers and A(1) parent/family rep come in the studio.  ANY adult that enters the studio MUST BE MASKED for Nana's safety. If you don't have on a mask you will be asked to leave or if you would prefer not to wear one, then simply remain in

your vehicle and take care of your account electronically.  

IF you or your dancer(s) exhibits any signs or symptoms, we ask that you DO NOT attend class or visit the studio until cleared.

IF you or your dancer have been tested but have not received the results, we ask that you DO NOT attend class or visit the studio.

IF you or your dancer have tested positive, we ask that you DO NOT attend

class or visit the studio until you test NEGATIVE.  

WE will be keeping each and every BAND page up to date so dancers who

 miss can stay on track, BUT, it is your dancers responsibility to practice! 

Please visit our "To The Pointe" page for up to date studio information and for our safety protocols