Armstrong School of Dance is built on 45 years of experience in performance, choreography and teaching.   You can feel confident that we will provide your child with an excellent year long program that is safe, age appropriate and most of all  FUN!!   

See you at the studio - Miss Sarah

​​Growing girls

gracefully . . .

​one step at a time!

Changes are coming and

they are BLOOMING

BEAUTIFUL!!  New look, 

​new classes, New attitudes!

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ASOD UPDATE - Thursday - April 16th

Here we are mid April and we are still crossing our fingers for a possible finish to the dance

year and Spring/Summer Recital Series.  IDEALLY  we would still love to get in 5 weeks at the

studio and then run Recital Week.  REALISTICALLY   you should know we are working a 

"worst case/last ditch" plan, IF we are unable to finish out the year, due to extended shelter

in place or continued limited gatherings. Any pre-paid tuition from our current year (Annual

or April), costume fees for 6th & above and spring recital fee balances will be credited to

2020-2021 dance accounts for registered students.  Seniors will receive a refund

immediately and students who do not re-register will receive their refunds after the seniors. 

Please continue to pray and safely shelter in place with us in hopes that we can get back to 

​our HAPPY PLACE as soon as possible.

2020-2021 PRE-REGISTRATION (FOR CURRENT STUDENTS ONLY) is available NOW, spots will go public on May 1st.  There is a FRONT & BACK page that needs to be completed, fee included and returned to the studio (through the pink posted mailbox) or scanned & emailed to please make sure to send a clear copy.  The Tentative* 2020-2021 Schedule is posted  online and we will mark them FULL as they spots are accounted for  (based on numbers, these could change*).  We will check the mail daily and keep these in the order they were returned since we do fill 95% of classes on a first come, first serve basis (HS leveled Tap & Ballet & MS/HS Hip Hops are done by audition or evaluation).  

IF YOU HAD A PAST DUE ACCOUNT  (OVER 2 MONTHS) PRIOR TO THIS... it must be paid ASAP. While regular MARCH tuition will not be subject to late fees, past dues will.   The down time has allowed to investigate studio fees in our immediate 60 mile area and HOLY COW, we are way beneath most and the least expensive by far with all our fees. So you will notice a tuition change this year to start catching up to the "GOING RATE" of other studios, as well as new policies on past due accounts.   If you have not paid your March tuition , we please asked that you do so, especially since technically we are already 2 weeks through actual classes before we stopped.  There has always been the MAILBOX where you can drop a check or money order, as well as electronic 
options like  paypal: or venmo: @Sarah-Armstrong-203. 

We are headed into a 

new dance year and we

can't wait to see how our

dancers grow!