To The Pointe

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-Here at ASOD we want you to be in step with the studio the whole way, so we always post

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CLASS ASST. forms have to be in by
8:30pm TONIGHT, March 31st!!

To apply as CLASS assistant, please note the following…
1.  You are working hour for hour, for your tuition.  Not sitting hour for hour, not socializing hour for hour, not on your phone hour for hour.

2.  You help in class by watching for students who may be having difficulty with   a step, who may be falling behind or by bringing a student who has been    absent up to speed.  You can assist little ones with changing rows,         bathroom visits, taking attendance, running the music and changing        shoes.  You should only sit down when you are asked to do so by the teacher.  You ARE NOT a teacher at ASOD, you are an assistant to the teacher, please   make sure any social media post are correct.  IF you are too tired to stand          we need to rethink your roll as a class assistant.  

3.  I need girls who want to be here and want to make a difference in a younger dancer’s life.

4.  If you have to be absent, YOU need to call or text.  This is your job, not your mama’s.  This is your responsibility. IF you DO NOT call, that is a “no call, no show” and you will lose your spot.

5.  If you have had repeated absences this year or issues with your work ethic, you will not be considered.

6.  You need to dress appropriately, proper attire and shoes for each class you assist with. Hair back from face please.  I don’t care what class you help with … YOU CANNOT WEAR SCHOOL CLOTHES.

7. You do not walk away from your class while students are still there, you should stay with them until they leave from the waiting room.

8.  Spots are limited this year and we will not be taking every application. 

           YOU complete your application not your mama, mama applications will               not be considered.

9.  Applications are due back MARCH 31st by 8:30pm, we will not accept anything 
after that time.   

If you are looking for a easy way to stay "in the know" with ASOD, make sure to check out the BAND app. Simply contact Miss Sarah and she will send you the link to get you connected with your dancers classes.

10Secrets to keep you & your dancer ahead at ASOD!

1. BringBOTHpair of shoes to Tap and Ballet every week!

2. Use the bathroomBEFOREgetting to the studio.

3. ONLYdancers in approved attire will be allowed in studio rooms, no excuses!

4. DO NOTdrop your dancer off more than 10 minutes before class

UNLESSyou plan on staying with them.  WeDO NOT babysit!

5.  AccountsMUSTbe current by March 20th to receive recital costumes.

6. If your dancer isn't utilizing theBANDapp (FREE app that allows us

to post videos of class, studio info & music) you guys are missing out.

7.SPRING BREAK, April 6th-10th, is the only time ASOD will be closed this spring.

8.NO dancing in socks or tennis shoes for any student, except Hip Hop.

9.  If you are a class helper, DO NOTuse your phone in class!

10.  See a smartiePICK IT UPand all day long you'll have good luck!