Tap & Ballet Evaluation Results:

Level III B (Ballet Strength) :  Nyerika Banks (IIIT), Noelle Delli-Gatti, Hannah Eberle (IVB)  Ellie English, Rylee Jackson (IIIT), Kennedy Kendall, Janie Kilby (IIIT), Christina Massey, Ella Grace Rogers, Fre'Neisha Vinson (IVB),

Level III T (Tap Strength):  Zaria Childs (IIIB), MacKenzie Clark (IIIB), Harley Clay, Kaylan Dawson, Natalie Lerbakken, Susannah Renz (IIIB), Jessica Robinson (IIIB), Makalia Waldroup, 

Level IV B:  Ashlynn Anderson, Jaden Brown, Sydney Horne (IVA), Anna Beth Ivie, Rachel Jordan, Carlie Murphy, Julia Pitts, Brinlei Rakestraw, Dajah Robinson, Devony Robinson,  Amani Watson,     

Lanie Winters

Level IV A:  Kylee Brazel, McKenzie Fry, Courtney Jarrell, Lauren McDaniel, Lindsay Norris, Carson Parks, Emma Kate Peoples, Bickley Reeves, Kayden South

(info inside the parenthesis means: that you only take tap OR ballet, NOT BOTH, and the other

class inside the parenthesis is the other class you are also assigned to dance with)

MS Hip Hop Audition Results:

MS Hip Hop A:  Chacie Bailey, Ariahnna Benson, Aubrey Butler, Paisley Clay,

Makiya Flowers,  Emily Nebb, Ashlyn Sams and Natalie Youngblood

MS Hip Hop B:  Cale Ellington, Sage Hadley (alt), Ava Hemphill, Ella Kate Hinson, Zaylee Johnson, Angel Montfort, Trinity Norman, Yoselinne Osorio, Lizzie Stewart, Zuleyka Velasco and Jordan Weed

* Remember Tuition for this class will start in September

and the costume fee is $25 for spring due 11/21/19.

HS Hip Hop Audition Results:

HS Hip Hop A:  Hannah Eberle, McKenzie Fry, Ansley Hunter, Natalie Lerbakken, Lauren McDaniel, Alyssa Nash, Lindsay Norris, Dhara Patel,

Emma Kate Peoples, Julia Pitts and Devony Robinson

HS Hip Hop B:   Jaden Brown, Madason Clarke, Emma Kate Ellington, Anna Beth Ivie, Courtney Jarrell, Rachel Jordan , Carlie Murphy,  Carson Parks, Brinlei Rakestraw, Bickley Reeves and Dajah Robinson

​​If you are looking for a easy way to stay "in the know" with ASOD, make sure to check out the BAND app. Simply contact Miss Sarah and she will send you the link to get you connected with your dancers classes.

10Secrets to keep you & your dancer ahead at ASOD!

1. BringBOTHpair of shoes to Tap and Ballet every week!

2. Use the bathroomBEFOREgetting to the studio.

3. ONLYdancers in approved attire will be allowed in studio rooms, no excuses!

4. DO NOTdrop your dancer off more than 10 minutes before class

UNLESSyou plan on staying with them.  WeDO NOT babysit!

5.  AccountsMUSTbe current by March 20th to receive recital costumes.

6. If your dancer isn't utilizing theBANDapp (FREE app that allows us

to post videos of class, studio info & music) you guys are missing out.

7.SPRING BREAK, April 6th-10th, is the only time ASOD will be closed this spring.

8.NO dancing in socks or tennis shoes for any student, except Hip Hop.

9.  If you are a class helper, DO NOTuse your phone in class!

10.  See a smartiePICK IT UPand all day long you'll have good luck!

-Here at ASOD we want you to be in step with the studio the whole way, so we always post

the most recent and up-to-date information here on our "To the Pointe" page.

To The Pointe

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