ASOD will be open:

May 6th - 9th      from     4:00 - 7:00 pm

May 13th - 16th    from    4:00 - 7:00 pm

ALL 6th Grade -12th Grade COSTUME are now LATE. 

Please make sure to included the  $25 Late Fee when 

​returning your costumes!!


on the Summer Camp Page.  Visit to check dates & 

on May 1st registration forms will go live online!

New classes are posted on our 2019-2010 Schedule,

make sure to read the descriptions at the bottom.

This can be found on the DAYS & TIMES Page.

Only current students can register until MAY 2nd.

​Opens to the public on May 3rd!!

10Secrets to keep you & your dancer ahead at ASOD!

1. BringBOTHpair of shoes to Tap and Ballet every week!

2. Use the bathroomBEFOREgetting to the studio.

3. ONLYdancers in approved attire will be allowed in studio rooms, no excuses!

4. DO NOTdrop your dancer off more than 10 minutes before class

UNLESSyou plan on staying with them.  WeDO NOT babysit!

5.  AccountsMUSTbe current by March 20th to receive recital costumes.

6. If your dancer isn't utilizing theBANDapp (FREE app that allows us

to post videos of class, studio info & music) you guys are missing out.

7.SPRING BREAK, April 8-12 is the only time ASOD will be closed this spring.

8.NO dancing in socks or tennis shoes for any student, except Boys Hip Hop.

9.  If you are a class helper, DO NOTuse your phone in class!

10.  See a smartiePICK IT UPand all day long you'll have good luck!

-Here at ASOD we want you to be in step with the studio the whole way, so we always post

the most recent and up-to-date information here on our "To the Pointe" page.

To The Pointe

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